Bimat 3ml: A Cheap Way To Manage Glaucoma Effectively And Quickly

Glaucoma is an eye complaint that damages the nerve that exists in the back of the eye. This nerve is the Optic nerve. Harm to the optic nerve can cause loss of vision. When you start to suffer from  Glaucoma you are unable to see at the sides. If the complaint is not properly handled it may cause you to lose your sight. One may even become blind. This illness might cause pressure in the ye to increase abruptly. This might impact the communication between the optic nerve and the brain. When the communication between the brain and optic nerve is disrupted it may lead to vision problems. Bimat 3ml from store4medi is a medication that helps to treat glaucoma or high eye pressure. These are eye drops that comprise Bimatoprost in it.

This Bimat 3ml medication is a sort of prostaglandin analogue. It helps to decrease the level of unnecessary pressure in your eyes. It increases the flow of fluid from the eye to the stream of blood which helps in lowering the level of pressure in your eyes. These Bimatoprost eye drops are put into the eye that is impacted by the condition. You can slightly put your head down and then put the drops into your affected eye with a dropper. You can put a few drops into your eye and then close your eye for a few minutes so that the medication gets absorbed quickly and even in a proper way. 

Various Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma has two major types as  Open-angle glaucoma and Angle-closure glaucoma

Open-angle glaucoma: 

This illness of the eye is difficult to spot. There are no vital signs of this illness but vision can be lost if this kind of problem is not corrected timely. A lot of people suffer from this sort of Glaucoma.

Angle-closure glaucoma:

This illness doesn’t impact a large number of people but it is easy to detect. This complaint has various symptoms that might include vision loss, discomfort in your eye, redness in your eye and even nausea. This illness can rapidly lead to loss of vision. There are no treatments in the market to return your lost vision. About 10 per cent of people every year struggle with this illness. It is not a common illness. It occurs rarely. 

About Bimat 3ml

Bimat 3ml is a medication to handle the problem of Open-angle glaucoma and Angle-closure glaucoma. It lowers the pressure in the eye. It causes the fluids of the eye to flow out of the eye. The medication encompasses bimatoprost. It is a prostaglandin analogue. The process of controlling eye pressure prevents people from going blind and treats both types of glaucoma. Some even use this medication to make eyelashes thick.

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