Ladygra 100: A Superb Medication To Handle Female Sensual Issues

Women usually suffer from issues related to sensual functioning. A large percentage of women suffer from problems related to sensual contact. These problems may be a low amount of sensual drive, difficulty attaining orgasm during the sensual contact, and experiencing pain during the sensual contact with the companion. Satisfaction sensual interaction is gained by the complex interplay of your body, psyche, health, views, and how you feel about your companion. Ladygra 100 from store4medi is an oral medication for women who suffer from sensual disorders. The medication comprises Sildenafil citrate 100 mg.

This Ladygra 100 medication functions by basically sending a lot of blood towards the genitals of females. This blood helps the woman to feel more sensually aroused. Sildenafil citrate 100 mg further helps women in enjoying long hours of sensual contact with their partner. 

Medical Issues That Lead To Sensual Disorders In Women

There are a lot of medical problems that can make sensual contact with your partner painful. These may be Heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, and nerve diseases like multiple sclerosis. These illnesses can cause you hard to become excited. Sensual performance is also affected if you have any sort of scars in the vagina. Radiation treatment or surgeries can also impact your sensual performance. 

There is also a variety of factors that can imbalance the hormones in your body. Other causes of sensual dysfunction may be as follows:

  • Giving birth to a baby
  • breastfeeding your baby
  • menopause


Psychological Problems That Lead To Sensual Disorders

Sensual contact is related to the type of relationship you tend to have with your companion. Feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and other factors that may cause low self-confidence can also cause sensual dysfunction in women.

Medication Causing Sensual disorder In Females

Usage of alcohol, drugs and heroin can decrease your ability to become sensually aroused. There are a variety of medications that can make your sensual interaction less enjoyable. There is a variety of drugs such as those used to manage high blood pressure, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and some types of cancer that can impact your sensual stamina and even drive.

About Ladygra 100 mg

Ladygra 100 mg is an oral medication that functions by growing the flow of blood to the reproductive system of a female. It comprises Sildenafil citrate 100 mg. Due to the lesser flow of blood to the female genitals, women tend to experience difficulty becoming aroused. This medication sends more blood to the female genitals so that females can enjoy the lovemaking activity fully.

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