Stud 5000



Stud 5000 from store4medi is a long-lasting climax lubricant for delaying male’s ejaculation. Lidocaine is the main ingredient inside it. This active constituent is a delay lubricant, for men to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. This spray is especially for men. It acts as a mild anesthetic and reduces the sensitivity for prolonging.

This lubricant gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction. It is especially for those who are suffering from early discharge. This spray is discreet and contains a light skin lubricant. It is free from any odor as well as non-toxic and colorless in nature. It is easy and safe to use. And it leads to a more satisfactory relationship.

Benefits of this medication

  • Reduces Male Genital Sensitivity
  • prolonging the ejaculation time
  • Enjoy Longer lasting Sensual Activity

Premature ejaculation is one of the very common problems that most of the men face today. And they do not wish to talk or share about it. This illness indicates the gap between a person’s expectation & his actual performance. They also are under the false belief that it is not curable. Buy Stud 5000 spray online that treats the most common sensual problem in men, i.e. Premature Ejaculation. By using this delay spray or lubricant you can get help to manage this problem.

 How does this medication work?   

Stud 5000 Spray for Men is an endurance enhancer that helps you last longer and stay in the moment.  It will make the male organ slightly numb and letting him dive into euphoria to experience satisfaction in bed. It helps manage male ejaculation successfully and fully. With a metered spray dose, men are able to control their sensitivity and perform better.

 How to use this medication?

  • Shake the container well before every use.
  • First, hold the bottle upright 2 inches to 3-inch inches from your male organ.
  • Apply this spray 3-4 times on the entire tip of your male organ, 5 minutes before sensual interaction.
  • Wash product off with warm water after sensual interaction.

Necessary precautions     

  • Make a test spray on the arm to test the skin reaction. See if your skin reacts to the delay spray. You should discontinue if skin develops any side-effects.
  • Those suffering from any heart conditions or also liver damage should not use this Stud 5000 Spray.
  • You should not over spray and spray only requisite quantity to achieve results. Over spraying can become harmful.

Side Effects of the medication

This medication is, in general, safe and has no systemic effects. However, extreme spraying at once may cause:

  • Numbness of the penile and
  • also, mild burning sensation