Vidalista 40mg


Store4medi take privilege in introducing itself as one of the chief  Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers based in India. It is an oral drug used to treat male impotence. These Tadalafil 40mg Tablets are helpful to keep an erection during sexual excitement with erectile dysfunction.



Vidalista 40mg contains 40mg of Tadalafil as its dynamic fixing. It is manufactured by Centurion Lab. Tadalafil is a medication that loosens up smooth muscles in vein walls hence improving bloodstream to certain body parts. This activity makes the medication effective in treating men with erectile brokenness. Nonetheless, this medicine is also used to improve indications of considerate prostatic hyperplasia, improve capacity to exercise of individuals with aspiratory blood vessel hypertension.¬† This medicine enables men to get and keep up erections during sensual incitement. However, it doesn’t fix erectile brokenness nor it builds a man’s drive. This medication does not counteract pregnancy and the spread of STD’s.


Vidalista 40mg is utilized to treat erectile brokenness and manifestations of benign prostatic hypertrophy (developed prostate). tadalafilwhich is utilized to treat aspiratory blood vessel hypertension and improve practice limit in people.


  • The measurements will be caused comprehended to you by your specialist and you too can make your questions clear at the very time.
  • A single portion may differ from 80mg to 10 mg, which thoroughly relies upon the resultant impacts in your erection.
  • These oral use tablets can be gulped with water. As the prescription works for 36 hours after the utilization, you can take it whenever before the sensual activity.
  • For example, you may take it 140 minutes to 2 hours before the closeness.
  • You may also observe active outcomes even following 24 hours of utilization. Although, it works best when taken one-half hour before the sensual intercourse.


  • Consult the specialist if you have angina (chest torment), draining confusion, and erection issue and so on before deciding for this medicine.
  • You can have genuine impacts if you have cardiovascular sickness, low/hypertension issue, and other such basic medical problems.
  • This prescription is just for use of men and not for ladies or youngsters under age 18.

Side Effects

  • Flushing
  • Muscle Ache
  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Heartburn